2018 Pacific Cup (Sept 20-23)

Pacific Cup Brings Out the Rain Gear

Water was the dominating factor at this year’s Pacific Cup.  There were moments when blue sky was glimpsed, but for the most part players went home well-soaked after each day’s play.  Despite the rain’s best efforts, however, Canadian #1 Brian Cumming went home having met a goal:  to win every game in block play with a triple peel.

Sixteen contestants met in the four-day event, held September 20-23 at Vancouver, BC’s West Point Grey and Granville Park Lawn Bowling Clubs.  Twelve of the contenders played in the Championship Flight, and the other four in a shorter First Flight contest.

The Championship Flight began with a round robin in which each player met nine others.  Tournament Director Patrick Sweeney (Portland, Oregon) made an excellent effort to match players with opponents they didn’t play regularly at home, while keeping the competition well-balanced.  Cumming completed the round robin with a 9-0 record to enter the playoffs as top seed.  As noted, he completed triples in all of these games, one of them a TPO.  Cumming’s closest competitors were Chris Percival-Smith, Canada’s #2-ranked player, and Michael Dowling, both of Victoria, with 7 wins each.

Two of the twelve Championship Flight players did not make it into the playoffs; of the ten who did, six competed for the Championship and four were immediately entered into the Plate competition.  Seattle’s Gary Anderson and Victoria’s Pierre Dunn, coming in as fifth and sixth seeds, defeated the third and fourth seeds, Dowling and Portland’s Steve Scalpone, then were taken down in their turn by Cumming and Percival-Smith, who played in the final.  Cumming took the championship without losing a game in the competition, though he did have to accept the final win without a triple.

In the Plate event, seventh-seeded Carl Uhlman of Seattle beat number ten Brian Wasylyk of Campbell River, while Sweeney took down Vancouver’s Russell Uhler.  Uhlman and Sweeney were then defeated by Scalpone and Dowling, who met for the Plate with Scalpone triumphant.

Filling out the original 12-player field were Mike McGuire of Seattle and Nick Gray of Spokane/Palm Springs.

The four competitors in the First Flight met each other in a round robin that left Victoria’s Lorne Oakes as top seed, Seattle’s Jason Torla as second, Eric Purdy of Seattle as third, and Vancouver’s Keith Sjostrom as fourth.  In the final, Torla turned the tables on Oakes, and Sjostrom emerged victorious over Purdy.

The lawns were fine, despite the overabundance of rain, and none of the players seemed to gain any particular advantage from the weather.  As has become typical at Northwest events, the competition was fierce but the atmosphere relaxed and friendly.  Complete results are posted on CroquetScores.com.

Final Results:

Championship Flight

   1.         Brian Cumming

   2.         Chris Percival-Smith

   3.         Pierre Dunn

   4.         Gary Anderson

   5.         Steve Scalpone

   6.         Michael Dowling

   7.         Carl Uhlman

   8.         Patrick Sweeney

   9.         Russell Uhler

10.          Brian Wasylyk

11.          Mike McGuire

12.          Nick Gray

First Flight

   1.         Jason Torla

   2.         Lorne Oakes

   3.         Keith Sjostrom

   4.         Eric Purdy