Quebec Open Championships

Montreal, Quebec
Sept 8 – 11, 2016


The weekend after Labor Day has been the traditional time of the Quebec Open for the past 22 years.


The tournament was divided into three flights: Championship and A Flight played Association rules, while the B Flight played American rules.


Stuart Lawrence arrived in Montreal hoping to complete a hat trick at this event and seven time champion Brian Cumming was determined to stop him!


From the start there was no doubt that Cumming and Lawrence would face off in the final. Bill Rowat of Bayfield was in the cannon-fodder position, while the very capable Nick Mitchell of Elora rounded out the flight.


The Championship flight was small enough that the block of four was played twice, followed by best 2 of 3 matches in the elimination round.


Stuart’s only loss in block play was to Nick, while he defeated Brian in both games (26-15 and 26-9).


The 3rd place final pitted Bill against Nick. Three consecutive nights of socializing in Montreal seemed to take its toll on Nick, as Bill won the 2 of 3 contest.


Brian won the first game in the final 26-10. In the second game Stuart’s hope of the hat trick was still alive until his ball went through a depression in the lawn on the approach to 3-back and came to rest against the wicket. Brian pounced, completing his third triple peel of the tournament and regaining the Quebec Open title.



A Flight provided players with much more interactive games – there were only 3 peg-outs in the entire event.


Patrick Little of St. Catharines swept the block, but only just, as he narrowly beat second place finisher Jane Beharriell of Toronto 16-15.


Patrick’s semi final game against Arthur Olsen of Virginia was looking one sided for Arthur until the last 30 minutes. With Arthur ahead 15-0, Patrick hit in and took his first ball to the stake. His second break didn’t go quite as smoothly, but he had the lead until time ran out at 19-16.


In the other semi final Andrew de Courcy-Ireland couldn’t seem to roquet the broad side of a barn, even though Jane gave him many opportunities to try.


The final was a showdown between the past A Flight champions, Patrick and Jane (2003 and 2008, respectively). It was another nail biter, with Jane scoring the go ahead hoop in final turn to win 20-19.


B Flight had the usual cast of characters plus one new player, Rod de Courcy-Ireland of Westmount (the TD’s father). Rod had never played anything but Golf rules so the event was a real eye-opener for him.
Block play went pretty much according to handicaps. Notable was Rod’s only victory, won against block winner Linda Kemerer.


The elimination round certainly did not play out as expected. In the semi finals Joanne Schmole, who played so well in the block (she gained 20 tracking points this tournament) was defeated by Bob Kemerer, and Lou Bessette (in her second tournament ever) beat Linda Kemerer.


Lou continued her good shot making in the final against Bob, winning 12-8 and gaining 20 tracking points in the tournament.


As always at the Quebec Open, players were treated to a full weekend of social activity. We gathered at a fine French bistro for cocktails and dinner the night before play began, which may have contributed to a shaky start for some of us Friday morning.


Friday evening a superb barbecue dinner was prepared by Westmount Croquet Club members Susan Chadwick and Geoff Harling.


Saturday we all enjoyed the traditional tournament dinner at the Hillside Tennis Club and laughed to Jane Beharriell’s poem about the tournament thus far.


Alison Streight made sure that the awards luncheon on Sunday featured the smoked meat for which Montreal is so famous.


Thanks also go to Patricia and Marie who catered to the culinary needs of players at the Mount Royal Country Club venue during the tournament.




Championship Flight  (AC rules)

1. Brian Cumming
2. Stuart Lawrence
3. Bill Rowat
4. Nick Mitchell


A Flight  (AC rules)

1. Jane Beharriell
2. Patrick Little
3. Arthur Olsen
4. Andrew de Courcy-Ireland
5. Chris Loat
6. Alison Streight
7. Ken Shipley


B Flight  (USCA rules)

1. Lou Bessette
2. Bob Kemerer
3. Linda Kemerer
4. Joanne Schmole
5. Rod de Courcy-Ireland

Andrew de Courcy-Ireland

Tournament Director