Russell Uhler 3-Peats at the Crow K Corral

Quoth the Raven:  "Forevermore!"

That's how Russell Uhler felt when he packed up the big black crow for yet another trip home to Vancouver.

Russell won 6 of his 7 games in the 8-player round-robin that constituted this year's Crow K Corral Shootout, and as a result was awarded his third plaque in a row on the handsome, carved wood trophy depicting a brooding, black crow perched not on the pallid bust of Pallas, but on the head of a croquet mallet.  Second place in the competition was firmly seized by Oregon's Wally Clark, rebounding from a long and frustrating slump with a 5-2 record for the event.

Struggling to keep up were Chris Percival-Smith and Michael Dowling (both 4-3), Brian Wasylyk and Pierre Dunn (3-4), Graham Garlick (2-5), and Peter Rassenti (1-6).  Longtime Vancouver player Bob Imhoff observed closely from the sidelines, but was prevented from participating by recent cataract surgery.  Even so, he distinguished himself in the post-prandial golf games, flying through hoops from 70 feet away.

The Crow K Corral is Brian's home court, quite literally.  Built by Brian personally behind his home in Campbell River, BC, the lawn is conveniently located next to Brian's back patio, where he served a delicious seafood melange, a delectable chicken-and-asparagus dish, and delicious melt-in-the-mouth tenderloin steaks to the lucky players over three successive nights.

The weather was fine for two days, before Mother Nature turned on the taps to provide a bit of wet relief to drought-stricken, fire-ridden BC.  But even a day in the rain couldn't dampen the spirits of this year's Shootout participants.  A fine time was had by all.