Golf CroqCan 2012

Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club

June 7 to 10, 2012

Tournament Director: Georg Dej

Golf CroqCan 2012, the Canadian Open Golf Croquet Championships, opened with registration under the cricket canopy of the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club on the afternoon of Thursday, June 7.

Let the games begin

(More photos to come)

Leo McBride conducted a golf croquet strategy clinic attended by nine tournament participants. It was obviously a resounding success, as five of the “pupils” finished in the prize circle. Thank you Leo!

The nice thing about a Thursday welcoming reception is the Jazz Trio playing on the Bistro Balcony. Cricket Club General Manager Doug Knights welcomed the players to this sixth annual event.

Newcomers to Golf CroqCan included: Cheryl Bromley, the US representative to the 2011 Women’s World Golf Croquet Championships; John Richardson from Georgetown, who showed tremendous progress since he played at the Cricket Club last October; Phil Parsons from Lawrence Park in his first golf croquet tournament; and Leslie Hall, Nate Hall and Spencer Cook from the Cricket Club.

Block play began on Friday morning and carried on through Saturday.

On Saturday evening, players and dinner guests retired to the Dining Room for the first bidding round of the annual silent auction. Thank you to the local merchants, players, and dinner guests for their generous donations.

Musical accompaniment during the bidding was provided by Roland Hunter on his jazz guitar.

Dinner guests had a choice of Fire Roasted Beef Tenderloin or Fillet of Barramundi.The Strawberry Parfait provided a sugar high for the final round of the silent auction.

The singles block play tabulations resulted in the following play-off matchups for Sunday  morning:

Open Flight:

Brian Cumming (1)     vs        Patrick Little (4)

Leo McBride (2)          vs        Paul Emmett (3)

First Flight:

Georg Dej (1)              vs        Stephanie Smyth (4)

Cheryl Bromley (2)      vs        John Richardson (3)

Second Flight:

Paul Cook (1)              vs        Carol Herling (4)

Bill Hall (2)                   vs        Alec Bollini (3)

After the second day of the Second Flight Doubles double round robin it looked like the young team of Nate Hall and Spencer Cook was heading into Sunday’s play with a clean sweep in sight.

Sunday saw some unexpected turns of events.

In the Open Flight, Leo McBride fell to Paul Emmett in the semi-final. Paul then proceeded to best Brian Cumming in the final. Paul’s 2012 Club-of-the-Year points earned will boost the golf croquet standings for the North Toronto Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club.

The First Flight saw 3rd place John Richardson upset 1st place finisher Georg Dej in the final.

The Second flight finished more conventionally with 1st place finisher Paul Cook prevailing through the final.

Sunday morning began with brilliant sunshine. Perhaps too brilliant. Allegedly, the hotshot young Second Flight Doubles team had seen the sunrise before retiring. At the starting time one member was nowhere to be seen. Rather, he was being awakened (rudely?) by his sister. This game was their only loss. They still managed to win the Doubles Flight, but hopefully they have learned a little off-court tournament strategy.

The Golf CroqCan 2012 order of finish was:

Open Flight

1          Paul Emmett

2          Brian Cumming

3          Patrick Little

4          Leo McBride

5          Jane Beharrriell

First Flight

1          John Richardson

2          Georg Dej

3          Cheryl Bromley

4          Stephanie Smyth

5          Phil Parsons

6          Ken Fortnum

Second Flight

1          Paul Cook

2          Bill Hall

3          Carol Herling

4          Alec Bollini

5          Dianne Leggatt

Second Flight Doubles

1.         Nate Hall / Spencer Cook

2.         Leslie Hall / Gayle Fortnum

3.         Elizabeth Aird / Joy Dej

4.         Margo Bechert / Naomi Chapman

Thank you to Cricket Club staff, including grounds crew, food and beverage and administration for their hard work. Also, thank you to Cricket Club Management and the Board of Directors for their on-going support of croquet at the Club.

The 2012 Tournament Committee included Bill Hall, Carol Herling, Elizabeth Aird, Gayle Fortnum, Joy Dej and Ken Fortnum.

Submitted by

Georg Dej

Golf CroqCan 2012,

Tournament Director