World Women's Golf Croquet 2011

Jane Beharriell at the World Women's Golf Croquet Championship

The WCF Women's Golf Croquet World Championships is being hosted in the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, 19 to 26 November 2011.

Headquarters:  Croquet Mount Maunganui
Satellites:  Katikati and Tauranga

Marwa Moustafa - Egypt Dallas Cooke - NZ View from Balcony

Click here for the tournament website.  There are some more photos of some players and of the courts, plus daily results reports.

Location of the main lawns at Tauranga on the North Island.

Our very own Jane Beharriell is our Canadian Representative.  See below a picture of her in the opening ceremonies as the flag bearer.

Jane at WWGCC

I have compiled a spreadsheet of Jane's block play.  Click here.

The tournament posted the following 20 page document for all players.

Here is their page for Jane's Block C only.

(Right click after opening and choose Rotate Clockwise.)

Here are a couple shots of Jane's games (courtesy of Croquet New Zealand)

The anguish of missing the opportunity to score. Jane Beharriell, Canada in her match against Laura Whittaker, NZ

like a hoop scored........not so as Laura Whittaker misses at close range against Jane Beharriell, Canada

For more photos, click here:

The Croquet New Zealand website for this tournament is at:

For a cool tool to view all of the tournament results interactively, check this link out:

Update: November 21 at 5:00 pm EST (November 22 at 11:00 am NZ Time)

I now have the update to Day 3 (Monday, November 21).

Jane won her final match and so finishes her block in 5th place, with 2 wins.

There is one final round of matches in Block C and Jane has a bye.  The final pairing happen to rather conveniently break all the ties as they are head to head.

Abir Moustafa and Mavis Brogden, with 5 wins each, play for first or second.

Laura Whittaker and Kath Burt, with 3 wins each, play for third or fourth.

Rosemary and Wilma Bonnar, with 0 wins each, play for sixth and seventh.

Here are some of Jane's e-mails that I have reposted:

Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 5:29:03 AM
Subject: Hello from Tauranga:

Hi Georg and Joy, and Lella....having a great time here "down under".  Alix Verge was a most generous hostess in Sydney.  She's the current, but soon to be dethroned (as she's unable to compete this time), women's champion.  She spent a couple of hours with me on the courts giving me advice not only on tactics and a bit on my swing and stance, but also on things to be very aware of during games...some are very fine  etiquette points that really only come into play at the top level of competition, and others were possible intimidation tactics that might be used by aggressive players.  All points I will endeavour to remember.

After Sydney, I flew to Christchurch and spent several days with Chris Clarke while his wife Jenny competed in the Australian Open.  He was also most generous with his time and advice...more stuff to remember.  

He and I went to Blenheim to compete in the South Island Golf Croquet Championships...a very good warm up event for me...especially as I was put into the Premier Division and had to play Chris....TWICE!

It was a double round robin of 7 players played over two days.  I was mostly terrible on the first day...two very close loses, and the rest of the games I managed only 1 or 2 points.  Though to be realistic, with Chris as a former World Number 1 and Dennis Bulloch, a former World semi-finalist, I expected to lose those games.

Played much better on the second day and won 3 games, and two games were much closer in scores...Chris and Dennis still trounced me...ah well such is life.

Some more sightseeing in store for me my B&B is right on the ocean so hope the weather will cooperate and allow me a walk on the lovely oil in sight, even though the stricken oil tanker is just barely in sight about 32 k offshore.  The good news is all the remaining oil is now off and they are now able to start on the rest of the containers that are still on board.

The WCF site,, should have the results starting sometime on Thursday your time...think good thoughts for me.

Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2011 11:38:32 AM
Subject: Re: Women's World Golf Croquet Championships

Hello friends......some of you know what I am doing in New Zealand these days...and some don' a brief recap.  I am competing in the  Women's World Golf Croquet Championships in Tauranga, New Zealand.  I was selected to represent Canada and am most honoured to be here.

Today (Sat. Nov. 19th) was the first day of competition and I played at one of the secondary venues...Katikati.  Just north of here towards Auckland.  Beautiful venue with 5 courts.

There are 8 blocks of 7 women each.  I am number 7 seed in my block.  E.g., bottom of  my barrel.

Played the number 2 seed, and then the # 1.  Was fairly pleased with my overall level of play which consisted of a best of three match...first person to score 7 hoops wins.

I lost a close game, 7 to 6...then rallied to take the second. 7 to 3.  Was playing well in the third, but my opponent pulled it off to win another game, 7 to 6.  Oh, well.....I won a game and was close in the others so not too shabby!!!

The second match was substantially more one sided for my opponent....but she's top seed in our block, so I didn't expect to win.   Lost 7 to 2 in both games...another "Oh well".  The good thing was that I played some great and amazing shots....just not enough of them to win.

Well it's almost midnight here and I'm exhausted so good night for now...I think it's about 6 am for you on Sat. while it's almost Sunday for me.


Learning lots which can be as important as winning games!

Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 4:51:37 PM
Subject: Re: Women's World Golf Croquet Championships

....but I have great news......I won a match....scores were 3-7, 7-1, 7-6.  I just have one more and then I'm off to the plate...the four qualifiers from my block are already decided...only thing that remains is where they will be seeded.

Gotta go get later.