CroqCan 2011 AC

Ottawa, Ontario
August 5 to 7, 2011

Tournament Directors: Louis Nel and Ken Shipley

This annual event, played in fine weather,  kicked off with a bang. Top
contender Brian Cumming started his campaign with a sextuple peel -- the second
of his career. He later also did two triple peels to bring his career tp-total
to 282. In the best-of-three final of the Open flight he beat Paul Emmett to
become the 2011 champion. Simon Gagnon, just back from winning the Plate Event
at the World under-21 Gof Croquet championship, took third prize.  The Red
flight was won by promising youngster Alexis Gagne, with Ken Shipley as
runner-up and Georg Dej third.

The Elmdale courts were as flat and pleasant as usual but not as fast as in the
past. About one third of the games were played at the nearby Central Lawn
Bowling club.  That court provided the rare experience of brown baked patches,
reminiscent of what is deliberately pursued in  prestigious events like the
British Open to present players with challenging conditions.
If resurfacing plans materialize, the privilege of this challenge will likely
not be available next year.

The Open flight  started with two blocks of 5, followed by a knock-out that
started with single game quarter-finals. The Red flight  played a round robin
followed by a single game semi-final and final. In both flights there were
enough further play-offs to produce totally ordered lists.

Finishing positions:

Open Flight

1   Brian Cumming
2   Paul Emmett
3   Simon Gagnon
4   Jane Beharriell
5   Peter Westaway
6   Louis Nel
7   Patrick Little
8   Chris Loat
9   David Druiett
10 Brigitte Westaway

Red Flight

1   Alexis Gagne
2   Ken Shipley
3   George Dej
4  Bill  Grimsdale
5  Laura O'Laughlin
Alison Streight
7  Don Oakley

Louis Nel and Ken Shipley
Tournament Managers