AC CroqCan 2010 Report - July 10 - 12, 2010 - Ottawa

Paul Emmett has become the Canadian Open Association Laws champion for 2010.  He remained undefeated and beat Tommy Harrington (from North Carolina) decisively in the final play-off game. Another NC player, Becky Essick beat Louis Nel for the play-off for the Third Prize.

The Red Flight was dominated by newcomer Simon Gagnon.  This young student had just recently returned from New Zealand where he learned to play croquet while on an exchange scholarship.  He distinguished himself by winning the most prestigious handicap singles event in that country.  However, since he had never played in a level play event, his flight placement posed a problem.  After extensive consultation we decided on the gentle introduction offered by the lower flight. In hindsight, that was a mistake. He won all eight his games by a double digit margin, mostly by pegging out. What a welcome addition to the Canadian croquet scene, especially to Montreal.

In the croquet media one sees an abundance of (often boring) pictures of players receiving prizes. Another popular  picture is that of a peeling player or one striking the ball in some peculiar fashion. In this tournament I encountered a kind of scene that has all too seldom been the subject of croquet photography -- a player whose facial expression and body language has suddenly erupted into absolute ecstasy!  It occurred to me, when I saw it,  that had I been successful in my last turn bid to overtake her, I would have missed the glorious sight of Becky Essick's elation when the fact of victory suddenly dawned upon her.  Regrettably, I did not have a camera ready.

The tournament was held at the Elmdale Lawn Bowling and Central Lawn Bowling Clubs in Ottawa, Ontario, 10-12 July 2010.  It was managed by Louis Nel and Ken Shipley.  As usual for Ottawa tournaments, the weather was very pleasant -- even for the Saturday evening dinner at the Siam Kitchen.

The Top flight had two blocks of 5, playing double round robin. The two block winners played off for 1st and 2nd while the runner-ups played for 3rd and 4th. The Red flight played a double round robin without play-off.  The top two got 1st and 2nd prizes.

Finishing positions

Top Flight
1 Paul Emmett
2 Tommy Harrington
3 Becky Essick
4 Louis Nel
5 Patrick Little, Peter Westaway
7 Jane Beharriell, David Druiett, Bill Grimsdale
10 Ken Shipley

Red flight
1. Simon Gagnon
2. Christian Paquet
3. Alison Streight
4. Dolores Gallagher, Georg Dej

Submitted by Louis Nel