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2018 Pacific Cup (Sept 20-23)

Pacific Cup Brings Out the Rain Gear

Water was the dominating factor at this year’s Pacific Cup.  There were moments when blue sky was glimpsed, but for the most part players went home well-soaked after each day’s play.  Despite the rain’s best efforts, however, Canadian #1 Brian Cumming went home having met a goal:  to win every game in block play with a triple peel.

Sixteen contestants met in the four-day event, held September 20-23 at Vancouver, BC’s West Point Grey and Granville Park Lawn Bowling Clubs.  Twelve of the contenders played in the Championship Flight, and the other four in a shorter First Flight contest.

The Championship Flight began with a round robin in which each player met nine others.  Tournament Director Patrick Sweeney (Portland, Oregon) made an excellent effort to match players with opponents they didn’t play regularly at home, while keeping the competition well-balanced.  Cumming completed the round robin with a 9-0 record to enter the playoffs as top seed.  As noted, he completed triples in all of these games, one of them a TPO.  Cumming’s closest competitors were Chris Percival-Smith, Canada’s #2-ranked player, and Michael Dowling, both of Victoria, with 7 wins each.

Two of the twelve Championship Flight players did not make it into the playoffs; of the ten who did, six competed for the Championship and four were immediately entered into the Plate competition.  Seattle’s Gary Anderson and Victoria’s Pierre Dunn, coming in as fifth and sixth seeds, defeated the third and fourth seeds, Dowling and Portland’s Steve Scalpone, then were taken down in their turn by Cumming and Percival-Smith, who played in the final.  Cumming took the championship without losing a game in the competition, though he did have to accept the final win without a triple.

In the Plate event, seventh-seeded Carl Uhlman of Seattle beat number ten Brian Wasylyk of Campbell River, while Sweeney took down Vancouver’s Russell Uhler.  Uhlman and Sweeney were then defeated by Scalpone and Dowling, who met for the Plate with Scalpone triumphant.

Filling out the original 12-player field were Mike McGuire of Seattle and Nick Gray of Spokane/Palm Springs.

The four competitors in the First Flight met each other in a round robin that left Victoria’s Lorne Oakes as top seed, Seattle’s Jason Torla as second, Eric Purdy of Seattle as third, and Vancouver’s Keith Sjostrom as fourth.  In the final, Torla turned the tables on Oakes, and Sjostrom emerged victorious over Purdy.

The lawns were fine, despite the overabundance of rain, and none of the players seemed to gain any particular advantage from the weather.  As has become typical at Northwest events, the competition was fierce but the atmosphere relaxed and friendly.  Complete results are posted on

Final Results:

Championship Flight

   1.         Brian Cumming

   2.         Chris Percival-Smith

   3.         Pierre Dunn

   4.         Gary Anderson

   5.         Steve Scalpone

   6.         Michael Dowling

   7.         Carl Uhlman

   8.         Patrick Sweeney

   9.         Russell Uhler

10.          Brian Wasylyk

11.          Mike McGuire

12.          Nick Gray

First Flight

   1.         Jason Torla

   2.         Lorne Oakes

   3.         Keith Sjostrom

   4.         Eric Purdy


Aboyne Open (July 27-29)


The Aboyne Open (AC) was held at Elora, ON


Championship Flight

1. Brian Cumming

2. Stuart Lawrence

3. Nick Mitchell

4. Chris Patmore

5. Martyn Selman

6. Jim Wright

7. David Druiett

8. Bill Rowat

9. Paul Emmett

10. Jane Beharriell

11. Chris Loat

12. Phil Parsons

13. Alison Streight

More detailed results are available at these links:



Bayfield Open (June 7-9)


Some of the world’s best croquet players gathered in Bayfield from June 7-10 to compete in the Bayfield Open Croquet Tournament hosted by the members of the Bayfield International Croquet Club (BICC) in both Bayfield and Seaforth.

The Bayfield Open is considered to be the premier croquet event in Canada and, over the past few years, it has secured a reputation on the global circuit of international tournaments.

The tourney had 20 competitors playing in two tiers over four days on four courts (two in Bayfield and two in Seaforth). There were cash prizes for first place in both tiers. The event was sponsored by Steam Whistle Brewery, The Virtual High School, and Deb Penhale from Lake Huron Real Estate.

In the Championship Flight Semi-Finals, American Rich Lamm, of Rancho Mirage, CA, defeated Bayfield’s Lou Schenck while Brian Cumming from Elora, ON emerged victorious over Chris Percival-Smith from Victoria, BC. Lamm then squared off against Cumming winning the best two out of three to win the Championship Flight. Cumming was the skip for Team Canada last July in Brighton, England, where Canada and Sweden tied for first.

In the A Flight Semi-Finals, American Mary Rodeberg of Rancho Mirage, CA defeated Bayfield’s Cal Scotchmer while village players Nick Howell and Jerry Selk went head to head and it was Howell for the win. In the final match, Howell defeated Rodeberg

According to event organizers, the BICC’s event has been deemed the preferred international tournament by the players and the local club is thrilled to host it.


bicc a flight winners sm

A Flight Winners

Bill Rowat - Tournament Chair

Mary Rodenberg, Nick Howell

David MacLaren - President

bicc champ flight winners sm

Championship Winners

Bill Rowat, Rich Lamm, Brian Cumming, David MacLaren - President

bicc brian cumming lining up sm

Brian Cumming

Lining up a winning play to get to the finals

bicc open 2018 results


submitted by Arlene Parker / photos by Gary Lloyd-Rees



Toronto Open - June 1-3, 2018


It was an incredible shot that stole the game, and the top place at the Toronto Open for New York City’s Stuart Lawrence.  Stuart was the winner of the Championship Flight best of three final held at the North Toronto Croquet Club. Ranked 48 in the world, Stuart completed an amazing full roll from the eastern boundary to a perfect position in front of number 2 hoop. This allowed him to continue his break and win the first game, encouraging him to win the second and victory! Stuart was playing against Elora’s Brian Cumming, who is 10 time USCA Rules champion and ranked 62 in the world in Association Croquet.


Another notable victory went to Phil Parsons of Lawrence Park, who topped the B flight even though his experience with Association Croquet is limited.  Scott Stein from Ward Island Club who is new to tournament play, fought a tough game with Phil in the round robin and was beaten by just a few hoops.


Two days of great weather for playing ended with a banquet attended by players and guests in the breezeway of the club.


Sunday’s final play was threatened by clouds, but the rain held off as if timed by the croquet Gods, falling just as the last game was completed and the equipment packed away.... a wet end to a very successful Toronto Open tournament at Lytton Park.


A photo gallery may be viewed here: 


Jim Wright


Quebec Open Championships

Montreal, Quebec
Sept 8 – 11, 2016


The weekend after Labor Day has been the traditional time of the Quebec Open for the past 22 years.


The tournament was divided into three flights: Championship and A Flight played Association rules, while the B Flight played American rules.


Stuart Lawrence arrived in Montreal hoping to complete a hat trick at this event and seven time champion Brian Cumming was determined to stop him!


From the start there was no doubt that Cumming and Lawrence would face off in the final. Bill Rowat of Bayfield was in the cannon-fodder position, while the very capable Nick Mitchell of Elora rounded out the flight.


The Championship flight was small enough that the block of four was played twice, followed by best 2 of 3 matches in the elimination round.


Stuart’s only loss in block play was to Nick, while he defeated Brian in both games (26-15 and 26-9).


The 3rd place final pitted Bill against Nick. Three consecutive nights of socializing in Montreal seemed to take its toll on Nick, as Bill won the 2 of 3 contest.


Brian won the first game in the final 26-10. In the second game Stuart’s hope of the hat trick was still alive until his ball went through a depression in the lawn on the approach to 3-back and came to rest against the wicket. Brian pounced, completing his third triple peel of the tournament and regaining the Quebec Open title.



A Flight provided players with much more interactive games – there were only 3 peg-outs in the entire event.


Patrick Little of St. Catharines swept the block, but only just, as he narrowly beat second place finisher Jane Beharriell of Toronto 16-15.


Patrick’s semi final game against Arthur Olsen of Virginia was looking one sided for Arthur until the last 30 minutes. With Arthur ahead 15-0, Patrick hit in and took his first ball to the stake. His second break didn’t go quite as smoothly, but he had the lead until time ran out at 19-16.


In the other semi final Andrew de Courcy-Ireland couldn’t seem to roquet the broad side of a barn, even though Jane gave him many opportunities to try.


The final was a showdown between the past A Flight champions, Patrick and Jane (2003 and 2008, respectively). It was another nail biter, with Jane scoring the go ahead hoop in final turn to win 20-19.


B Flight had the usual cast of characters plus one new player, Rod de Courcy-Ireland of Westmount (the TD’s father). Rod had never played anything but Golf rules so the event was a real eye-opener for him.
Block play went pretty much according to handicaps. Notable was Rod’s only victory, won against block winner Linda Kemerer.


The elimination round certainly did not play out as expected. In the semi finals Joanne Schmole, who played so well in the block (she gained 20 tracking points this tournament) was defeated by Bob Kemerer, and Lou Bessette (in her second tournament ever) beat Linda Kemerer.


Lou continued her good shot making in the final against Bob, winning 12-8 and gaining 20 tracking points in the tournament.


As always at the Quebec Open, players were treated to a full weekend of social activity. We gathered at a fine French bistro for cocktails and dinner the night before play began, which may have contributed to a shaky start for some of us Friday morning.


Friday evening a superb barbecue dinner was prepared by Westmount Croquet Club members Susan Chadwick and Geoff Harling.


Saturday we all enjoyed the traditional tournament dinner at the Hillside Tennis Club and laughed to Jane Beharriell’s poem about the tournament thus far.


Alison Streight made sure that the awards luncheon on Sunday featured the smoked meat for which Montreal is so famous.


Thanks also go to Patricia and Marie who catered to the culinary needs of players at the Mount Royal Country Club venue during the tournament.




Championship Flight  (AC rules)

1. Brian Cumming
2. Stuart Lawrence
3. Bill Rowat
4. Nick Mitchell


A Flight  (AC rules)

1. Jane Beharriell
2. Patrick Little
3. Arthur Olsen
4. Andrew de Courcy-Ireland
5. Chris Loat
6. Alison Streight
7. Ken Shipley


B Flight  (USCA rules)

1. Lou Bessette
2. Bob Kemerer
3. Linda Kemerer
4. Joanne Schmole
5. Rod de Courcy-Ireland

Andrew de Courcy-Ireland

Tournament Director


Quebec Open Croquet Championships

Montreal, Quebec

Sept 11-13, 2015

Championship Flight (AC Rules)

  1. Stuart Lawrence
  2. Brian Cumming
  3. Nick Mitchell
  4. Paul Emmett
  5. Jim Wright
  6. Alexis Gagné
  7. Louis Nel

A Flight (AC Rules)

  1. Bill Rowat
  2. Steve Baker
  3. Andrew de Courcy-Ireland
  4. Chris Loat
  5. Arthur Olsen
  6. Ken Shipley
  7. Ed O'Laughlin
  8. Jane Beharriell
  9. Alison Streight
  10. Patrick Little

B Flight (USCA Rules)

  1. Joy Bradford
  2. Bob Kemerer
  3. Linda Kemerer
  4. Ron Rapuano
  5. Louise Bessette

Russell Uhler 3-Peats at the Crow K Corral

Quoth the Raven:  "Forevermore!"

That's how Russell Uhler felt when he packed up the big black crow for yet another trip home to Vancouver.

Russell won 6 of his 7 games in the 8-player round-robin that constituted this year's Crow K Corral Shootout, and as a result was awarded his third plaque in a row on the handsome, carved wood trophy depicting a brooding, black crow perched not on the pallid bust of Pallas, but on the head of a croquet mallet.  Second place in the competition was firmly seized by Oregon's Wally Clark, rebounding from a long and frustrating slump with a 5-2 record for the event.

Struggling to keep up were Chris Percival-Smith and Michael Dowling (both 4-3), Brian Wasylyk and Pierre Dunn (3-4), Graham Garlick (2-5), and Peter Rassenti (1-6).  Longtime Vancouver player Bob Imhoff observed closely from the sidelines, but was prevented from participating by recent cataract surgery.  Even so, he distinguished himself in the post-prandial golf games, flying through hoops from 70 feet away.

The Crow K Corral is Brian's home court, quite literally.  Built by Brian personally behind his home in Campbell River, BC, the lawn is conveniently located next to Brian's back patio, where he served a delicious seafood melange, a delectable chicken-and-asparagus dish, and delicious melt-in-the-mouth tenderloin steaks to the lucky players over three successive nights.

The weather was fine for two days, before Mother Nature turned on the taps to provide a bit of wet relief to drought-stricken, fire-ridden BC.  But even a day in the rain couldn't dampen the spirits of this year's Shootout participants.  A fine time was had by all.


Yukon Historical & Museums Association Charity Croquet Tournament

Win fantastic prizes, earn bragging rights and help support the work of YHMA!

The second annual YHMA Charity Croquet Tournament is set to take place Saturday, August 1st on the lawns of the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site, at 10 Robert Service Way in Whitehorse.

Registration is now open for this year's tournament! Download and complete the following form to register your team of two today: Registration Form - Croquet Tournament 2015.pdf

Registration includes entry into the tournament, a tasty BBQ lunch. swag and refreshments at the après croquet. A portion of the registration fees will be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Check out Event Information for more details on this year's tournament.


Toronto Open 2015

The tournament was played over the Victoria Day weekend at North Toronto CC in ideal weather despite the weather forecast.

The field of ten players were split into two blocks of five and both the Championship and “A” Block played a double round robin. This gave everyone eight  2 1/4 hour matches over the three days, which satisfied all the participants, as did the meals, including the traditional Sunday BBQ, catered by Mary Sutton.

Brian Cumming showed why he is the best player in Canada, going undefeated to claim the Championship. The rest of the field showed signs of winter and lack of practice. David Druiett went to the wire of his final match to win second spot.

The “A” Block was a very close finish with Patrick Little edging Bill Rowat by 2 gross points in the tie breaker. Jane Beharriell came in a solid third spot.


1   Brian Cumming Aboyne

2   David Druiett Bayfield

3   Paul Emmett North Toronto

4   Louis Nel Ottawa

5   Nick Mitchell Aboyne


1   Patrick Little St. Catharines

2   Bill Rowat Bayfield

3   Jane Beharriell North Toronto

4   Chris Loat St. Catharines

5   Ken Shipley Ottawa

Pictures by Nick Mitchell can be found at:


Toronto Open 2014

May 23 - 25, 2014

North Toronto Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club

Championship Winner: Brian Cumming

Runner Up: Paul Emmett

First Flight Winner: Bill Rowat

Runner Up: Brigitte Westaway


CroqCan 2013 American Rules

June 29 - July 1, 2013

North Toronto Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club

Championship Winner: Paul Emmett

First Flight Winner: Jim Wright

Second Flight Winner: Phil Parsons


CroqCan 2013 - Golf Croquet

Golf CroqCan 2013 held June 7 through 9 was the seventh annual Canadian Open Golf Croquet Championship. All have been held at the Toronto Cricket Skating Curling Club, which is fitting, as almost all of our 75 Croquet Activity Members exclusively play this WCF regulated variant of croquet.

In the first weather induced washout in seven years, the “End Game” strategy clinic to be given by Leo McBride was cancelled due to incessant rain. Leo and John Richardson donned their rain gear and got in some croquet. Some of Leo’s expertise must have rubbed off on John, as he just missed the Open Flight play-off cut.

The reception on Thursday, June 6 was moved indoors. In attendance were the Cricket Club General Manager David Brightling and President David Plummer, who welcomed the participants and guests to the Club and to the Tournament.

This tournament attracted 34 players in three singles and a Waterford Doubles flight.

Click here to Read more, see results and some photos


2012 AC CroqCan Report

Jim Bast emerged as 2012 Canadian Open champion. In the Red flight David Druiett went undefeated, but there was a three-way for the 2nd and 3rd prizes. The new Minimatch method was used to break this tie.


Golf CroqCan 2012

Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club

June 7 to 10, 2012

Tournament Director: Georg Dej

Golf CroqCan 2012, the Canadian Open Golf Croquet Championships, opened with registration under the cricket canopy of the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club on the afternoon of Thursday, June 7.

Let the games begin


World Women's Golf Croquet - Playoffs


World Women's Golf Croquet 2011


CroqCan 2011 - USCA Rules

North Toronto Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club
July 1, 2 & 3  2011
Tournament Director: Paul Emmett


CroqCan 2011 - Golf Croquet

Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club

June 9 to 12, 2011

Tournament Director: Georg Dej


CroqCan 2011 AC

Ottawa, Ontario
August 5 to 7, 2011

Tournament Directors: Louis Nel and Ken Shipley


Upcoming Dates for CroqCan 2011

CroqCan 2011, the Canadian National Croquet Championships, will again be offered in three separate parts:


Golf Croquet CroqCan 2010 - Toronto Cricket, Skating, and Curling Club - June 10 - 13

Golf CroqCan 2010, the Canadian Open Golf Croquet Championships, opened on Thursday, June 10 with a reception under the cricket canopy of the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club. General Manager Doug Knights welcomed the 27 players comprising members and guests from Quebec City, Ottawa, Pennsylvania, Sarnia and St. Catharines.

Group Photo


AC CroqCan 2010 Report - July 10 - 12, 2010 - Ottawa

Paul Emmett has become the Canadian Open Association Laws champion for 2010.  He remained undefeated and beat Tommy Harrington (from North Carolina) decisively in the final play-off game. Another NC player, Becky Essick beat Louis Nel for the play-off for the Third Prize.


2010 Founder's Cup - Bayfield International Croquet Club

An open doubles tournament held July 23 - 25, 2010

Winners - Gayle Waters & Don Cook


CroqCan 2010 - Association - Ottawa - July 10-12, 2010