Red Ball Trophy – 2012

The Croquet Canada Red Ball Trophy was presented by Tremaine Arkley in 1989 to recognize “The Most Unusual Shot at CroqCan”.

The initiative for this award was Tremaine’s shot of the red ball into Lake Ontario during the first CroqCan which was held that year.

The following submission by Joy Dej was received at Golf CroqCan 2012, held at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club”

“It was a hot day on croquet sward #4, and the last of the Second Flight Doubles round robin was under way.. Nate Hall, a new member this year, was trying out his newly acquired skill; “The Jump Shot”. With youthful enthusiasm he attacked the ball. It went up in the air, landed on the opponent ball sitting in the wicket, and started spinning like a whirling dervish.

As his partner and opponents watched in amazement, it spun for at least five seconds, then dropped gently down, on the wrong side of the wicket. The opponent ball endured without movement.

The Golf CroqCan 2012 Red Ball Trophy is awarded to Nate Hall, of the Toronto Cricket Club..

Submitted by: Georg Dej, Tournament Director