Red Ball Trophy – 2011

The Croquet Canada Red Ball Trophy was originally presented by Tremaine Arkley in 1989 to recognize “The Most Unusual Shot at CroqCan”.

The initiative for this award was Tremaine’s shot of the red ball into Lake Ontario during the first CroqCan which was held that year.

The following submission by Ken Shipley was received at Golf CroqCan 2011, at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club:

“Patrick Little playing Blue/Black and Ken Shipley playing Red/Yellow were for hoop 2.

Yellow was in the jaws, with Blue two feet in front, and Black on the same line 6 feet back.

Ken shot Red between Blue and Black, on the same line.

Black to play:

Patrick shot Black, intending to send Red off to the side behind the hoop (blocking a shot to hoop 3).

Instead, he hit nose on, sending Red into Blue, which in turn peeled Yellow through the hoop, by means of a double cannon."

Patrick Little awarded the 2011 Red Ball Trophy

The 2011 Red Ball Trophy for Golf CroqCan was awarded to Patrick Little at the 2011 AGM.

Submitted by: Georg Dej, Tournament Director