Derrick played a significant role in the development of Croquet Canada by providing important guidance on the successful development of several croquet clubs in Canada and by personally guiding the efforts of a large number of Canadian players towards achieving the level of play necessary for participation at the international level.  Derrick played croquet with skill and with high sportsmanship standards.

The purpose of the Award is to recognize the Croquet Canada member who, during a particular year, contributed most to the growth and development of croquet in Canada. The Award was established in 2009 with contributions by some of Derrick’s friends:

Don and Pat Bridges Robin and Helen Schiele, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Maconochie, Margaret Buttershaw, Rigmor E. Waheed, Elizabeth Sebastian, Gertrude Leslie, Lynne Skeie, Hugh Tyson, and Derrick’s family including his wife Cathy, son Ian, daughter Sheila, and sister Pat.  Additional donations are welcome.

In light of Derrick’s appreciation of fine, single malt whisky, the Award consists of a carefully selected bottle.

Past Recipients


The award is announced each year at Croquet Canada's annual general meeting.  Nominations for the award may be submitted by any member to the Secretary of Croquet Canada before Sept 30.  Nominations should include a statement as to how the nominee merits the Award.  Criteria considered are membership in Croquet Canada, good sportsmanship, and contributions to the sport of croquet and its growth in Canada and elsewhere.