Overview of the Players of the Year and Clubs of the Year Competitions


Croquet Canada annual recognition of member accomplishments consists of Player-of-the-Year (POY) and Club-of-the-Year (COY) awards.

Player achievements are calculated separately for the Association, USCA and Golf croquet rules.

Within each of the three croquet variations, players are divided into a Blue Division (containing the better players) and a Red Division.

Player points are accumulated for participation in a singles event that is not restricted to members of a specific club (or clubs).

Players receive tournament Position Points that are calculated on the basis of:

1) their placement in the order of results in their flight and:

2) the strength (grades) of all of the participants in that flight.

Player grades are maintained in the World Player Rankings for AC and GC, and are based on a conversion from handicaps for US rules.

The total points for a player in a year are based on their three highest points in each of up to three Canadian tournaments and up to two international tournaments. COY points are based on the points accumulated by up to four of the members of a club.

See POY & COY Rules for detailed information.

(The POY/COY system was developed by Louis Nel)


Submission of Tournament Results


Send results to George Dej at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Tournament Directors of Canadian tournaments are responsible for providing the tournament results to George, in a timely fashion.

Players in international tournaments are themselves responsible for providing results to George.

Results are submitted in a list of the order of finish of players in a flight.


Submission Deadline: November 5

Note: POY points for a player are allocated to the COY points of the Club designated in the Treasurer’s membership list.